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Smart Showroom

Changing the way we shop for a car.

The user experience of a car showroom has stayed pretty much the same over the last 50 years. We teamed up with Volvo de Brossard to change that, creating a first-of-its-kind dealership app that transforms the showroom experience.

The challenge

Typical car showrooms can be a somewhat intimidating environment, and many of the options and pricing details aren’t immediately obvious. Though cars can be infinitely personalized, this detail can get lost when there are only a limited amount of vehicles on display. Moreover, it’s an environment that has historically put much of the power in the hands of the car salesperson.

The solution

iPads mounted on custom-built stands throughout the space allows users to browse the details of an on-display model, or to configure their own dream car. If they’ve created a configuration they want to remember, but they’re not ready to purchase yet, they can send themselves the pricing details via email. Highlights and videos demonstrating driving and safety features for the current model are also on display.


Personalize your vehicle

Users can personalize every aspect of the car, including the model, trim, paint colour, wheels and interior, plus hundreds of options. Transparent and detailed pricing is included for each personalization.

A custom-built CMS

We built a CMS to manage the back-end data entry, allowing models to be updated by the dealership year after year with ease.

Built-in lead-generation

When users send themselves vehicle information via the app, we store their contact information in a database that can later be accessed for follow-up calls and emails, ensuring that potential leads aren’t lost.

The application was such a success that it was later adopted by Volvo Canada for use in auto shows across the country.