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PixMob Spark Prototype

Light Up Your Party

Pixmob is a leading light experience company. Having already established a strong presence with clients around the world. The launch of a mobile application was the next step to connect with their users, not only in events and festivals but also at home.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to create a prototype that was easy to use at first sight, simple and beautiful. On the technical front, the synchronization of the sound generated by the audio source with the custom visuals on screen was also a challenge. To add to this complexity, the application needed to  present these custom views while the user was interacting with the elements. All these interactions had be to performed while keeping the audio – waveform synchronization operating seamlessly in the background.

The solution

The key was to stay simple as possible and design a simple but effective mobile architecture to handle all of the different events. These events can be from the user’s input to the application like changing the effects and still be able to see a direct response to their actions. Thus every entity in the architecture has their own responsibility to manage these events but they all work together in order to deliver a great experience to the user.

Automatic Mode

In this mode you only have set your music or playlist and the colors you want to transmit to the bracelets and there you go. You now have your own light show!

Manual Mode

If you better like to control things you can also go full manual. In this mode you can control the effect of the light and the chance each colours appear on the bracelets. It also have a Hold button to pause the lights and a clap mode to follow the clapping hands.

Microphone Mode

In the case there is already music playing but you still want to “turn down for what” with the lights, you can activate the microphone mode. It will follow the ambiant music and light up every bracelets if the sound go above the threshold bar.


Dynamic Sound Wave Generation

The application understand the sound amplitude coming from the speaker or the selected sound. The application is then generating a rectangle sound bar representing a 1/15 second sample of the playing song.

The complete sound wave was also moved from right to left in synch with the playing music.

Accurate Sound Level Detection

From the displayed sound wave, we can automatically detect when a wave is surpassing a certain threshold. The threshold is the white line associated with the circular handle across the sound wave area. This threshold is draggable by the user. When that threshold is exceeded, a random color (from the list of user selected color) is send to the attached bracelets.

Intuitive Color Selection

The color selection is made by dragging a circle over  the displayed color spectrum. In order to help the user with the color selection (the user’s finger is usually hiding part of the color spectrum image), we are displaying the selected color in the status bar which adjusts itself automatically while the circle is moved around.