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StopMo Studio

The stop-motion app of choice for amateurs and professionals alike.

The mission of the NFB isn’t just to deliver award-winning content, it’s also to encourage the next generation of filmmakers. To that end, Wherecloud teamed up with the NFB to create StopMo Studio, an easy-to-use stop motion animation app.

The challenge

Having produced a basic version of the app already, the NFB had a basic idea of their feature set, but the new version would have a completely new interface in the signature pared-back NFB style. Stability was a major concern, as the application needed to support a very large number of images to produce 5-minute length movies. Lastly, the app had to strike a difficult balance – easy enough for educators and children to use, but with enough advanced features for power users.

The solution

The StopMo Studio app was produced over a 6-month period, with more than 20 development versions and over 250 prototypes built along the way. We worked very closely with the designers at the NFB to test features and suggest interface tweaks. The launch was a massive success, and the app has racked up a number of awards. Since the 1.0 launch we’ve added a number of additional features based on user feedback, including manual camera controls and pre-built filters.


Time-lapse camera controls

Simply set up the app to take photos at set intervals – super high-frequency, or as little as once a day.

Drawing mode

The app features an easy-to-use drawing tool with brush control, layers, and the ability to undo the last options.

10,000 frame support

We built StopMo to be able to support long films, if necessary – you can throw as many as 10,000 frames at it without issues.

“With StopMo Studio, the NFB makes the tricky, time-consuming process of stop-motion animation accessible to (just about) anyone.”

– Fast Company