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NFB Films

Delivering award-winning films and documentaries to Canadians on the mobile platform of their choice.

The NFB’s mission is to support Canadian filmmakers and to make their content available to viewers of all ages across the country. Over our years of working together we’ve helped transform their flagship application into one of the App Store’s most essential entertainment apps.

The challenge

The NFB approached us with a common situation. They had an initial version of their apps working on iPhone and iPad, but it was far from optimal. Streaming high-definition video can easily make an app crash if it’s not built well, and so we set out to rebuild both apps from the ground up. This rebuild coincided with a complete UI overhaul, ensuring the app was delivering content via a beautiful, functional and usable interface.

The solution

The redesigned NFB Films application is easy to use, stable and presents an incredible library of content in an accessible manner. Users can download films to watch later, or add films to their favourites for easy access. We’ve worked with the NFB to integrate many features to increase accessibility and ease of use, like closed captioning, SmartTV integration and airplay streaming. We also added in dynamic language control, allowing users to choose between browsing and viewing films in either of Canada’s official languages.

Other NFB Projects

NFB Advent

A special Christmas-themed advent calendar to introduce a new generation to classic NFB gems.

NFB Ludovic

A classic online children’s game reimagined for a new generation. Powered by WhereCloud’s proprietary technology AppMotion, Ludovic brings a successful flash web game to iPad, along with the classic animations that inspired it.

The NFB Films app has been featured in almost every category in the App Store, including Editor’s Choice, and is part of Apple’s 10 Entertainment Essentials for iPad.