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Code Red Cars

A new way to shop for a car.

We helped Code Red Cars realize their vision of a completely new way to shop for new & used cars, developing both iOS and Android apps from the ground up.

The challenge

Searching for a car online – especially a used car – can be frustrating and baffling. You might have to search through many ads posted by clueless car owners, and it can be hard to tell what’s a lemon and what’s a deal. Many people like to purchase direct from dealerships as a result, but it can be tough to get through to a sales rep who has the time to answer questions over the phone, and often those cars aren’t listed online. Code Red Cars aims to solve all that.

The solution

Built for both the iOS and Android platforms, we developed a 360 degree mobile solution. To access the Code Red database of hundreds of discounted used and new cars, we built an advanced search tool that allows for highly targeted searches, but that’s simple enough to fit on one screen. Users can add discount coupons directly to passbook, add cars to their favourites, and even book test drives directly through the app.


Passbook Integration

Users can add coupons directly to their passbook from the app, then take them in to the dealership to receive their discount.

Real-time search feedback

To eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of complex searches – a lack of results – we built our search interface to update in real time.

Geo-locating Functions

Through an innovative interface, users can browse cars by location easily, allowing them to filter to include only nearby dealerships.

The Code Red application gives power back to the consumer, all via a beautiful and innovative interface.