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Cheaper Vacations

Book your next vacation with a swipe of your finger.

Cheaper Vacations is the leader in destination vacations in Quebec. Their application was a first in Canada, allowing users to browse and book vacations on their iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The challenge

The searching process for an all-inclusive vacation involves many variables; the dates, the number of passengers, the age of the passengers, the occupancy rate, the departure city, plus any number of additional factors. Translating a complex search to a mobile environment required selective editing of search fields and a careful attention to how much information to display at once.

The solution

Users are able to save passenger information in-app to save time when searching and with the booking process. We included our analytics and user engagement platform, Ballista, to allow users to be notified about last-minute deals if they want, and customized it to allow for package promotions to link directly to locations in-app. Lastly, we gave users easy access to details like flight info, hotel details and customer reviews, so they could better evaluate a vacation package.

“The Cheaper Vacations apps have become an important part of the purchasing process, with around 15% of sales starting on one of our apps.”

– David Grégoire
Vice President of Technology, Cheaper Vacations