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Bumpfie by Thyme Maternity

Track and document the pregnancy from bump to baby.

Thyme Maternity is Canada’s leading fashion retailer for pregnant women. Having already established a strong online presence with clients visiting their website via mobile devices, the launch of a mobile application attests of the company’s status as a choice partner throughout a future mom’s pregnancy.

The challenge

Wishing to celebrate and help cherish this moment that is so important in its clients’ lives, Thyme Maternity wanted to create and offer a free iOS app to be used as a user’s pregnancy journal.

With a really precise and exclusive target to reach, pregnant women around 30 years of age at a moment when they wish to connect with their loved ones to share pictures and anecdotes about their pregnancy, the challenge was to offer a tool that would be both dynamic and truly engaging, while also providing useful information to the users.

The solution

We created a handy tool that follows a pregnant woman’s natural instinct to want to document her pregnancy, get information about it and connect with the people around her – via social media or otherwise.

Taking daily or weekly bumpfies allows the future mom to follow the progression of her baby bump in a fun and organized way, though a linear calendar. The pictures are transformed into a short movie, to which a personalized intro and outro can be added, as well as music. It can of course be shared. Each stage of the baby’s development is described with words and images.

Bumpfies Journal

The Journal’s home page provides a one-look summary of both the progression of the pregnancy and the numbers of bumpfies and memories saved.


Visual, written or audio memos can be recorded with the app and let the user remember great memories and different activities that will have happened throughout her pregnancy.

Weekly infos

Each stage of the baby’s development is described in words and images.



When opening the app, the journal’s welcome screen shows an animation demonstrating the pregnancy’s progression since the start and its current stage until the baby’s due date.


When taking a bumpfie, a transparent grid representing the body of a pregnant woman  is overlaid on top of the camera view so the user can easily position herself and stick to the ideal point of view. Both the front and back cameras of the smartphone can be used.


The resulting video is exported for viewing and can be shared and recorded in the phone’s library. Each bumpfie can also be individually shared or saved on the phone.