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Our analytics and mobile in-app engagement platform.

At Wherecloud, we know that access to great mobile application metrics is what can take a product from good to great. So we built our own analytics and mobile in-app engagement platform based on the needs of our customers.

The challenge

Mobile offers a unique opportunity to connect with users in a profound way. With detailed analytics, we can anonymously observe how people are using an app. These observations can be categorized into dynamic groups or demographics, such all users who used the app in the past 7 days within the Boston area. From these dynamically build demographics, Ballista can engage these users right in the the application with a personalized message, whether for marketing purposes or to inform the user.

The solution

Ballista has two components: analytics and in-app marketing engagement. The analytics side of things tracks overall use for the application – acquisition rate, session duration, location and app stability, among countless others.

But Ballista’s real power is in tracking custom events and displaying those events in a super-easy-to-read dashboard. Those events are specific to your app like: number of videos created, number of items in the cart, etc. Have a particular metric in mind? Ballista can surface it so you understand and measure the value of your application.

The other key component of Ballista is in-app marketing engagement supported by push notifications. Customers can create in-app marketing campaigns targeting a specific demographics. That campaign can be sent to users by leveraging push notifications to their user base. Ballista supports multi-language, so a French user will receive a French campaign. Those campaigns are then recorded automatically on the metrics graph, so you can see how your in-app marketing campaign are impacting use rates.


Campaign Management

The campaign management component of Ballista allows you to prepare and validate campaign content before sending it. Campaigns follow a standard publishing workflow: draft/test/publish/archive. This allows Ballista users to quickly reuse successful campaigns and republish them at will.

Live Capsules

Each dashboard reporting element within Ballista is called a capsule. Ballista has the ability to show real-time information via Live Capsule. Coupled with the Custom Dashboard capability, the live capsule can display your key metrics live on screen in real time.

Custom Dashboards

We set up custom dashboards for our customers so that they don’t have to slog through useless metrics. Within those custom dashboards, we can easily surface key metrics and trend graphs so you have an at-a-glance view of the proper elements.

Colour ID

Using our proprietary ‘colour ID’ technology, the campaign editor can quickly target a number test devices onto which the campaign is validated. In test mode, each device is assigned a specific color and the campaign is only sent to that particular device.

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