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Make food runs with your friends

Anyrun is the first in a series of ‘HackFriday’ productions. This initiative allows our designers and developers to work together on internal Wherecloud mobile products.


Anyrun started out as a ‘HackFriday’ idea initiated at Wherecloud in early 2015.

Our challenge was to create a beautiful and extremely simple food ordering application with the real-time experience of a chatting application. As with any chat application, we needed simple group management capabilities and the effective use of push notifications.

Adding to the real-time experience, push notifications are sent to group members so they are properly notified when a new food run is started. Apart from the technical and UX challenges, our biggest obstacle was devoting sufficient time and focus on delivering a Wherecloud internal product with a well-defined function set.


Anyrun was created incrementally. We kept the original ‘HackDay’ idea but rewrote the complete application using Apple’s newest programming language: Swift.

We also leveraged Parse (before they announced the termination of the service) and Google’s Firebase for the real-time communication aspect.

Every ‘HackFriday’, we devoted time to the project until we decided to schedule a continuous block of work to finish and deliver the application to the AppStore.

Our end goal was to provide a beautifully-crafted application, true to everything else we do at Wherecloud:
An easy-to-use mobile application to allow friends to do food runs together.

Many categories for any kind of run!

Uncheck absent members of your group on the fly

Check every order one by one so you don’t forget anyone

Answer quickly and set your default order for the next run


One thumb navigation

Because you’ll probably be on the go while using anyrun, we designed the app to be usable with only one thumb.

Beautiful photos

The category backgrounds show beautiful photos of the product to make the app stand out.


The app uses a fluid notification system to let users communicate.