nventive is growing!
The Wherecloud team joins nventive to accelerate its growth and reaffirm its position as a leader in strategy, creation and digital production for mobile and Web.


We’re Wherecloud. We helps companies build outstanding apps, products and services.

We like to create amazing things that people love to use. We’ve been designing and building interactive experiences for over a decade. Let us help you connect with your customers, where they are now and where they will be in the future. Wherever that may be.

5 reasons why you should work with us…

… or not.

1. You want to go mobile.

…But you have no idea where to start and what to do. Welcome to WhereCloud! We spend a lot of time thinking about mobile design and experience. It’s all about asking the right questions.

1. Your project is due in two weeks.

Mobile success comes from a long-term commitment to your users. We believe in original, innovative products that will grow over time. Time and strategic thinking are essential to every app we craft.

2. We care about technology.

Our team possesses market-leading expertise in mobile development. We are leaders in the art of pushing limits for what we think is the most engaging mobile experience at the best price.

2. We don’t always follow your specs.

You probably already have an app in mind or else you wouldn’t be reading this. What if we propose changes, alternatives or even a whole new direction? You might like our ideas if you give us a chance.

3. We don’t care about technology.

Technology is really just a means to an end. Our motto: if it’s not necessary, we don’t do it. No feature creep, no gadgets. We’ll simply use the best technology for your needs.

3. We challenge our clients’ ideas.

…And we expect the same in return! Open-minded discussions are a good way to ensure that end users get the best possible experience.

4. We are sensible human beings.

We see things from the user’s perspective. As passionate users, we like apps that are both useful and playful, perfectly implemented and easy to use. We want yours to be the same.

4. You like to sit in big, luxurious conference rooms.

Our work environment is like our apps: less hype, more practicality. Instead of fancy presentations, we like our clients to spend time with us, take part in our processes and become members of our team.

5. Calling us is free.*

We’re not the kind of company that will charge you for every second of work. First, we’ll meet to discuss mobile opportunities for your organization. Then you decide if we should do business together.
* Carrier fees may apply

5. You don’t really want to go mobile.

Maybe you’re just not ready. Think of your users first. Do they really need you to go mobile? What do they use their devices for? How does your market look like? For certain questions, only you can find the answer.

Our services break down into three main categories. Sometimes we’re hired for just one of these categories, but most of the time we work through all of them.


Our primary expertise is in designing interactive experiences that function well. This category might include wireframes, user testing, use case development, brand creation and interface design.


Now that you know what you want to do, we help you make it happen. We built our reputation on being the best at making apps work just as they were designed (and even better sometimes!). We can do that with native application development for iOS and Android, mobile optimized sites and custom CMS solutions.


So you’ve built it and launched it. Now what? We help you analyze what’s working and what’s not and plan for the inevitable change that’s just around the corner. This can mean version planning, quality assurance and use analytics.

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