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Tower Dash

Multiplayer on the new Apple TV explained

What’s Tower Dash?

Tower Dash is the new game from the creators of Bird Climb and Spider Square, Boombit Games. In this simple one touch Multiplayer game your goal is to shoot threads left and right to climb up the tower like spiderman, but beware of the obstacles! Sounds Easy ? Believe us it is not ! But it’s totally addictive and so much more fun with your friends. There’s only one thing it can be confusing on how you connect the other players, so we made a little post to show you how.

Firstly, make sure that your Apple TV and other devices
(iPhones, iPads, Controllers, Etc.) are on the same wifi network.

Second, open the app on your Apple TV and start an multiplayer match by pressing “Multiplayer”. You will see yourself in the lobby of the match as you wait for other players to join your game.

Then, on your iPhone device, open Tower Dash. On the home screen you will see a settings button at the bottom left.

After pressing the settings button, you will now see the “apple tv” button on the next screen. Press it to locate any local games on your wifi network, i.e. the one that you just created on your Apple TV.

You will now see that you and yours friends have joined the multiplayer match on the Apple TV and you are ready to start a new battle! Remember that you can play up to 8 players per game on Tower Dash.

Go against your friends and have Fun!