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Reimagining the retail experience

In a connected world, the in-store experience can be completely reimagined.

The last few years have seen continual calls for the death of the brick and mortar store in favour of online shopping. But at Wherecloud, we believe that the era of connectivity represents new kinds of opportunities for retailers, and that brick and mortar stores have the potential to be more relevant than ever.

Many major brick-and-mortar brands have flagship applications on both the Apple and Google App stores, often to shop online or sometimes to offer secondary functionalities. By harnessing the power of the application, through push notifications, calendar events, geofencing, and iBeacons, we can intelligently enhance the in-store shopping experience and create a VIP experience for your most valuable customers.

The goal is omnichannel retailing: creating a seamless experience from app, to website, to store.
Imagine that you could know the purchasing history and product preferences of customers as they came into your store. Wouldn’t you be able to give them more personalized service, and offer more relevant suggestions? Embracing the opportunities of a connected shopping experience has positive repercussions for both customers and retailers.


Online shopping is an opportunity, not a threat.

Key facts


smartphone owners that have researched prices while in a store


People who did their research online, then eventually purchased in-store


of retail spending is by omnichannel shoppers

Notable examples

Smart Showroom

We helped Volvo de Brossard reimagine the showroom, allowing visitors to build their own car, view pricing details and features, and even send themselves a configuration by email.
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Safeway Just for U

By integrating their loyalty program with an app that delivers personalized coupons – based on a user’s actual buying habits – to customers right on their mobile phones, Safeway saw a huge increase in customer loyalty and engagement.

Apple Store

Visitors to the Apple Store can order products via a special in-store interface that is automatically launched when they enter the store. Using notifications and iBeacons, users can also order products online and have their order prepared for their arrival, without ever having to wait in line.

Implications for retail organizations

Online shopping is an opportunity, not a threat.

It can be easy to become frustrated by the price competition of online shopping. But if your value goes beyond price, that has the potential to be enhanced exponentially by a connected experience.

If you have an app, you’re halfway there.

If your customers have already downloaded your app, then you already have a powerful tool to interact with them. All you need is a strategy to connect your different channels – web, mobile, and in-store – together.

Consider how a loyalty program might work with your mobile presence.

The portability and ubiquity of mobile phones make them a natural fit for loyalty programs, and can provide you with valuable data on purchasing habits.

iBeacon + Customized, opt-in promotions = Happy customers.

People are happy to receive notifications if they’re relevant and desired. In the context of a mobile app, we can ask permission to send location-specific promotions to your users. We can give your customers what they’re looking for, exactly when they’re looking for it.